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Black Sheep Gathering

We are headed off to Black Sheep Gathering in Euene, Oregon.  If you are coming, please stop by and say hi.

We have some yummy new products debuting this weekend.


When I started spinning, I wanted to try everything.  I still do.  We thought you might too.


Ancient Breeds: Finn, Gotland, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Shetland.


Longwools: Blue Faced Leicester, Coopworth, Masham, and Wensleydale.


Camelids: Baby Camel, Fine Alpaca, Baby Llama, and Suri Alpaca.


Alpaca Survey: Alpaca, Fine Alpaca, Baby Alpaca, and Suri Alpaca.


Cotton Colors: Naturally colored organic cotton in white, green, and brown.


Camel Survey: Baby Camel, Camel-Merino, and Camel Tussah.

See all of the samplers here.

Spinner’s Day At The Farm – Healdsburg, California – 06/13/09

Spinner’s Day At The Farm (map)
Healdsburg, California
Other Info
Details coming soon.

Fiber Club Update

Fiber Club Opening

Our Fiber Club will open on June 5th for shipments starting in July.  We have some really wonderful fibers planned, we hope you can join us!

April Fiber Club

April 2009 fiber club with binder

Here is April’s club shipment, 2 oz of Merino-Angora (50/50) for the Luxury club and 4 oz of Finn wool for the Comfort shipment.  The featured dye is Weld, a fantastic bright yellow.

We want fiber club to be a learning experience so each shipment comes with an information sheet on the dye and on the fiber or fiber blend.  We put it on cardstock so you can punch holes into it for yarn samples.  Underneath is the binder that is sent to people who sign up for 12 months of club and sleeves to hold fiber samples.

May Fiber Club

May 2009 Fiber Club

May’s shipment features Cochineal.  Cochineal is a very versitile dye.  It can make a pale cotton candy pink, a rich red pink, a hot pink, or a deep purple depending on the mordant and ph.  It is always exciting to play with Cochineal.  The Luxury fiber is 3 oz of Alpaca-Tussah (70/30) and the Comfort fiber is Merino-Tussah (80/20).  The Alpaca-Tussah is darker because the base fiber is a fawn color.

We are having a lot of fun dyeing and sharing natural dye and fiber information.  We are also participating in club and spinning along with you.  If you are on Ravelry, we hope you will share what you are making in the Fiber Club Spoiler thread in the Tactile group.

New Fibers & Tools

We have some new fibers in the store along with some new tools.


Since they were announced last year, we have wanted St. Blaise combs.  They are the brain child of Robin Russo and her husband Pat Russo. Combs are used for removing short and weak fibers leaving aligned fibers that are a joy to spin.  They are beautifully crafted from Vermont cherry and come with a matching mount.  These 2-pitch (2 rows of tines) combs are named after the patron saint of wool combers who was martyred with wool combs and subsequently died in 316.

Other tools added to the online store include cherry Dizzes also from Robin Russo, the Schacht fine wool and cotton cards, and Schacht Pear Tahkli support spindles.


Wool-Flax: a lovely blend of 60% soft wool and 40% Flax.  Flax is the fiber that makes linen yarn.  Unlike many cellulose fibers on the market now, flax is a bast fiber.  Bast fibers are the structural fibers of the inner bark of the plant.  The process of removing the fibers is called retting.  Flax (linen) is very durable and will soften with wear and washing.


Gray Alpaca: we love dyeing over naturally colored fibers.  It gives a richness and a depth of color that is often hard to achieve with natural dyes.  This alpaca starts as a heathered gray which adds to the richness.  This fiber is very tempting!

We will also be adding no colors of old favorite fibers this week.  To see what is new, click here.

Tactile at Urban Fauna

You can now find Tactile yarns and fiber at Urban Fauna Studio in San Francisco.   They are located in the Sunset district near Golden Gate park, one block from the N Judah Muni transit line.


They carry mostly indie product lines, including a lot of local indie crafters.  They also carry a full line of needles and accessories covering knitting, spinning, felting and more.  We are thrilled to have Tactile product in their store.

Jamie and Blas are so sweet.  I joined them for knit night at a local cafe and had a great time.  There is a nice community building around Urban Fauna.  Stop by and check them out.

Fiber Club Shipped!

On the way to our club members!

If you are on Ravelry, there is a spoiler thread set up in the Tactile group.  Hope to see you and your creations there.

Tactile in Knit.1 Magazine


Tactile’s Organic Cotton Worsted yarn is featured on page 13 of the current Knit.1 magazine (on newsstands starting today). It is number 7, the pink yarn.

Find yummy new colors here, including the featured color: Painted Desert.

Learn to Spin on a Wheel – Knit One One – Berkeley, California – 03/28/09

Learn to Spin on a Wheel
- Wheel rentals available or bring your own, Saturdays March 7, 14, 21, & 28 -  
3360 Adeline Street
Berkeley, California
Other Info
Wheel rentals available or bring your own, Saturdays March 7, 14, 21, & 28

Sidewinder Socks – Knit One One – Berkeley, California – 03/26/09

Sidewinder Socks
- Sideways socks knit on 2 circular needles, Thursdays March 12, 19, & 26 -  
3360 Adeline Street
Berkeley, California

Sept. 19th Update: Organics!

This week’s update is all about organic fibers and yarns. For the
spinners in the group we are offering organic merino top and organic
cotton sliver. The organic cotton sliver is from Sally Fox who grows
the cotton here in California and is working on breeding colored



If you are more interested in yarns, we have a sport wt. organic merino
yarn and a worsted wt. organic cotton yarn. I used the cotton yarn to
make the ‘Baby Soft Cardigan’ from Knitter’s Book of Yarn (Rav page here ). It’s wonderful to work with.




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