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Hitch is the New Black

All my life I have loved old movies. Especially the black and white movies of the 30′s, 40′s, and 50′s. There is a simplicity in them that gives me a respite from my hectic life. They are often my company when I label yarn, respond to emails, or knit. I love the sweetness of an Audrey Hepburn movie, the witty banter of a Kathrine Hepburn movie, the eye-candy of a Cary Grant movie. And the there is Hitchcock. The wry twist of a good Alfred Hitchcock movie gets me every time.

When the lovely and aptly named Stephannie Tallent mentioned that she was editing a book of designs inspired by Alfred Hitchcock movies, I knew I needed to be a part of it.

Now the book is here and I have to say that it is fabulous! The palette is limited to red, black, gray, and white. Genius! It is one of the latest books published by Cooperative Press. I am continually impressed with the range and quality of their publications. Plus, they are an independent press. I do love supporting independent business!

But I digress.

The Book! The Book!

Inside Hitch there are 29 patterns from 29 designers. There are sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, and socks. And shawls! My favorite shawl is the Francie Shawl by Triona Murphy. Why you ask? Triona designed it with Tactile yarn, Larkspur lace in Pomegranate, our rich, saturated red.

The book is full of patterns I want to knit. Usually I like one or two patterns in a book. Not his time. I thought I’d pickout a few other patterns to mention and ended up with a dozen. Here a just a few of my favorites. I love the lacy goodness of the Madeleine Gloves by Rebecca Blair or the Greenwich Village Cardigan by Linda Wilgus, stranded beauties like the Alicia Tam & Mitts by Dani Berg or the stunning Thornhill Cowl by Stephannie Tallent, or the elegance of the San Juan Bautista Shawl by Elizabeth Green Musselman.

So pretty! Which to knit first?

Want to learn more about the book? There is a blog tour. It starts here.

Want to participate in a Knit-A-Long or hear about giveaways related to the book? Join the Hitch group on ravelry.

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K2Tog Trunk Show

This weekend Tactile will have a trunk show at K2Tog in Albany, California. There will be yarns (including new yarns and colorways!), new designs, and fun. I plan to talk about natural dyeing and do a knitting with silk hankies demo. Please come!

Where: K2Tog in Albany, California
When: Sunday March 11, from 1-4pm

For more information and an interview with me, visit Kimberly’s blog here. She is one of the lovely people that makes K2Tog a special place.

What Can Pink Do for You?

When wonderful cochineal comes your way, what can you do but make pink. Pink, glorious pink! I am not usually a pink person, but it is hard to deny this much color enthusiasm.

Introducing our newest color: Raspberry.

From left to right: Bolinas Sock, Temecula Sock, Sierra Sock, and Larkspur Lace.

New, New, New!

New Fibers:

Blues & Golds Grab Bag

Blues & Golds Grab Bag

Grab Bags!

2 oz of assort fibery goodness including any of the almost 50 fibers Tactile has carried.  How much fun is that?  Each grab bag will include at least 7 different fibers.  Maybe a bit of California Variegated Mutant (CVM) locks, or some merino-bamboo, could it be yak-tussah or shetland?

The picture shows an example of the Blues & Golds Grab Bag.  Each one will be different and will probably be completely different from the picture.  But, that is all part of the mystery isn’t it?  There is a slip of paper identifying which fibers are included.

Silk Noil!

Concord Grape Silk Noil

Concord Grape Silk Noil

Silk Noil is the waste bits from the silk reeling or combing processes. Much of it is the first bit of fiber the silk larvae spins, which has less luster and is more brittle. Noil is very chunky with a short staple length.

It can be spun alone, but most often it is blended with a wool fiber. Try blending it 50-50 with your favorite wool for a highly textured yarn. Spin it fairly fine so the noil bits pop out for maximum texture. For less texture, blend in less noil.

Packaged in 1 oz bags as a little goes a long way.

Silk Sampler

Silk Sampler

Silk Sampler!

Another fun sampler.  This one is  4 types of naturally colored silk.  You’ll get 1 oz each of tussah and mulberry silk top, 1 silk cap (approximately 21-25 grams or 3/4 oz), and 1/2 oz of mulberry silk noil.

Experience the variety of silk available to spinners and felters.

Ancient Breeds

Ancient Breeds

And, the return of the popular Ancient Breeds Sampler!

Five ancient breeds: Finn, Gotland, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Shetland.

It is not all about fiber though.

New Yarns:

Silk-Camel Fingering Weight

Silk-Camel Fingering Weight

Silk-Camel Fingering Weight!

Lovely fingering weight yarn made from 70% Silk and 30% Camel Down. A bit of shine and drape in a soft warm yarn. This yarn is suitable for lace knitting, weaving, or anything close to the skin.

The 4 oz skeins with approximately 375 yards (997 m) are enough yardage for a small shawl or a hat and mitten set.

Linen-Merino Sport Weight

Linen-Merino Sport Weight

New colors of Linen-Merino Sport Weight!

The deepest richest red (Pomegranate) I have ever gotten on this yarn, a rich dark gray (New Moon), a bright chartreuse green to remind us that spring will return (Spring), red and purple together at last (passion Flower) to name a few.

Featured Fiber & Yarn

Each month I will feature a fiber and a yarn.  The featured yarn will also be 15% off for the entire month for all sales through the webstore.

For November 2009, the featured fiber is Silk Noil and the featured yarn is Silk-Camel Fingering Weight

Changes at Tactile

We wish to let you know that effective today Brooke and Maia will no longer be operating Tactile: A Fiber Arts Studio as a partnership.  Going forward Maia will be operating Tactile.  Brooke is re-launching Sincere Sheep.  We thank you for your support and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

You will see some changes in the store as we rearrange the furniture.  New ideas and products are coming soon.

Lambtown – Dixon, California – 10/03/09

Dixon, California

Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival – Canby, Oregon – 09/27/09

- 9/26/09 -  
Clackamas County Fairgrounds
Canby, Oregon

California Wool & Fiber Festival – Boonville, California – 09/20/09

- 9/18/09 -  
Mendocino County Fairgrounds
Boonville, California

Sock Summit – Portland, Oregon – 08/09/09

- 8/6/2009 -  
Oregon Convention Center
Portland, Oregon

Black Sheep Gathering – Eugene, Oregon – 06/21/09

- 06/19/09 - All Ages
Lane County Fairgrounds
Eugene, Oregon

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