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Fiber Club Update

Fiber Club Opening Our Fiber Club will open on June 5th for shipments starting in July.  We have some really wonderful fibers planned, we hope you can join us! April Fiber Club Here is April’s club shipment, 2 oz of Merino-Angora (50/50) for the Luxury club and 4 oz of Finn wool for the Comfort [...]


There are four dyes we use to make reds.  Cochineal and lac are insect based dyes, madder and quebracho red are plant based dyes.  Lately, I have been dyeing fleece with all four of these dyes. Click on any picture to see a larger version. Cochineal gives a pink to pinkish red depending on how [...]

In Defense of Natural Dyes

There are a lot of misconceptions about natural dyes.  We hear them all the time.  Here are a few of the things we hear: Myth:  Natural dyes are not light fast. We use high quality dye extracts from Earthues.  They have been rigorously tested for lightfastness and are comparable or better than commercially available synthetic [...]

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