Fiber Club Update

Fiber Club Opening

Our Fiber Club will open on June 5th for shipments starting in July.  We have some really wonderful fibers planned, we hope you can join us!

April Fiber Club

April 2009 fiber club with binder

Here is April’s club shipment, 2 oz of Merino-Angora (50/50) for the Luxury club and 4 oz of Finn wool for the Comfort shipment.  The featured dye is Weld, a fantastic bright yellow.

We want fiber club to be a learning experience so each shipment comes with an information sheet on the dye and on the fiber or fiber blend.  We put it on cardstock so you can punch holes into it for yarn samples.  Underneath is the binder that is sent to people who sign up for 12 months of club and sleeves to hold fiber samples.

May Fiber Club

May 2009 Fiber Club

May’s shipment features Cochineal.  Cochineal is a very versitile dye.  It can make a pale cotton candy pink, a rich red pink, a hot pink, or a deep purple depending on the mordant and ph.  It is always exciting to play with Cochineal.  The Luxury fiber is 3 oz of Alpaca-Tussah (70/30) and the Comfort fiber is Merino-Tussah (80/20).  The Alpaca-Tussah is darker because the base fiber is a fawn color.

We are having a lot of fun dyeing and sharing natural dye and fiber information.  We are also participating in club and spinning along with you.  If you are on Ravelry, we hope you will share what you are making in the Fiber Club Spoiler thread in the Tactile group.


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