Tactile is a one woman operation run by me, Maia Discoe. I am a life-long knitter with a serious wool addiction. I learned to spin in 2005 and soon began dyeing my spinning fiber. I happened upon natural dyeing and fell in love. Before long I was dyeing anything and everything I could find. All that fiber led to selling handspun yarn, then to selling the fiber, then to dyeing yarn. In February 2007, I settled on dyeing and opened Tactile.

Tactile offers yarns hand-dyed with high quality natural dyes.  Learn more about natural dyes here. My focus is rich saturated colors, something not usually found in the natural dye world. I choose my base yarns carefully, looking for well constructed yarns made from high quality fibers.

Tactile strives to do business in as green and sustainable way is as possible.  The natural dyes used are made in small batches in areas next to where the makers live.  Small scale manufacturing means the byproducts (in this case green waste) don’t exceed the land’s capacity to reclaim it. Most of the dyes we use are certified organic in the European Union under the GOTS Standard.

The packaging is reused or made from recycled materials.  Any plastic (bubble wrap or bags) is reused.  I use my wash water to water my front yard, usually it is the only water my front yard gets during the dry season.  My vehicles all run on locally produced biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil.  I recycle any materials I can’t reuse.  Keeping a low carbon footprint is both a personal and business goal.

Learn more aboutwhat I’m up to by visiting my blog, by adding me to your friends on Ravelry where I am Maia, or by following me on twitter where I am MaiaSpins. You can also follow Tactile news on twitter and Facebook.

Learn more about our products at the Tactile blog.


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